Our olives are picked young, when the fruit is not yet fully mature, proof is the spicy taste. A taste that stands at level 4 according to the International Olive Oil Council Official Profile*. Our oil doesn’t have a bitter taste but a slightly fruity taste, thanks to the way we harvest and prepare it.

The table below shows the analysis on a sample of our oil harvested in October 2015

Parametro Metodica Unità di misura Valore  Intervallo di riferimento per olio vergine extra
Acidità   ac. oleico % 0,23 inf. 0,80
Numero di perossidi   meq 02/kg 10,8 inf. 20,0
K232     2,055 inf. 2,500
K270     0,108 inf. 0,200
DK     -0,001 inf. 0,010
Cere   mg/kg 17 inf. 150
Polifenoli totali   mg/kg ac. gallico 103  


*The intergovernmental organization that brings together producers, consumers and operators in the olive oil sector, created in 1959 under the auspices of the United Nations