Olive oil can also be used to make us more beautiful!

It moisturises the skin, and is the best alternative to moisturising creams because it makes the skin soft, prevents early ageing and protects against sun damage. For example, you can use it in compresses for dry skin on your feet. After applying the olive oil to your feet, put some socks on and leave them on overnight. In the morning, your feet will feel exceptionally soft. You can also replace your facial scrub with a mixture of olive oil and sugar.

Recipe for a hydrating mask:

Mix one spoonful of olive oil with two spoonfuls of honey, perhaps warming it up to make it less thick. For more powerful results, add 2 spoonfuls of yoghurt if you have dry skin (or are using white clay), and a few drops of lemon if you have oily skin. Apply it to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Oleocanthal gives oil its anti-inflammatory properties – perfect for those who suffer from dermatitis and are intolerant to many of the creams available in stores.